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tv   The Debate  PBS  May 7, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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ongoing series of seventeen ninety in your washing and h c. new the program is brought you by. her group. norway's mainstream cruise for this lies in her group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson cause. back to watching austin jackson the approaches president calls on pro moscow separatists to put off an eleven referendum in eastern
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ukraine. this site including claims that withdrawing troops from the border. does that mean showing off their help in rescuing more than two hundred kidnapped girls government offices was bored we're getting word of another attack in north east nigeria tribute to the radical islamists of polk was wrong. in thailand the new crossroads hostage for four c on friday st is much to my office. all all strawberries she should phone out of moscow russia's president coming out of talks with his swiss counterpart is currently the chair of the osce calling on pro moscow separatists to hold off on plans for a may eleven referendum in eastern ukraine
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we are requesting representatives of ukraine's se. bolt is centralization of the country. on the destroyer in the referendum the discarded times for my eleventh. my issue with that in order to ensure the necessary conditions for the lotto and included it with you. richard knows i want to stress that the planned presidential elections in kiev on it in principle. step in the right direction. some of his tibia but they will not solve anything is in ukraine and if it is not the case. i knew that all citizens of ukraine didn't understand other rights would be guaranteed to get off to the election loss was the parade in it the division. jets correspondent reporting from jeanette says that those words you just heard from flooding including stunning pro russian separatist they're currently having holding crisis meetings to
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discuss up their position following line of putin's announcement the government in kiev accusing clinton of selling hot air could move by the way also claims that he'd pulled its forces from the border. although both nato and the white house saying they have no evidence of that so far. after six months of political turmoil it's not yet clear whether the ouster of thailand's premier will ease tension the constitutional court for seeing much and want to step down over abuse of power charges. the opposition first was a litre reform or deputy prime minister knew what time ron bowden some ice on it instead. vowing to press for the june elections i need to be nice the recourse to live their lives over six months of anti government street protests could not. the constitutional court's order prime minister in optional ones this time daddy. after finding her guilty of abuse of power. she
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transferred to senior civil servant to inaudible into tears and eleven. it's a charge she continues to sting you sleep tonight i maintain that we have acted honestly in our tends to run the country. and we have never done anything. i suggested a ninety day sentence. instead she wants it would to see this is another example of the court's undermine democracy. the judiciary to persecute the twenty sixteen bid mistakes. the weak minded estates in italian. a support system and to the devastation firsthand today. when people they see it as a judicial coup d'etat. the anti government protest is this is above the hole will take to meet the demands of admitting you should want to be next the government still stands i'm convinced now that no one hundred percent happy as i was sleeping the whole government. instead the stalemate continues for a
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cabinet minister in the wot i'm wrong but sometimes that has been appointed caretaker prime minister at the rnc is right to press ahead with consequent even like shoes it makes it the position of state to continue to disrupt the shooting the team concludes the winter continues. after the us the uk china and france all offering help in rescuing went into nigerian high school girls abducted three weeks ago by the radical islamists of poker on britain sending a small team of government ministry experts nigeria's government often a three hundred thousand dollars reward for help. as momentum builds news of a fresh attack this one in north eastern town of gumbo that's according to police its left at least two hundred and twenty five today greenback dollar bills. try to help the region eighteen ninety area. echoing around the world. the kidnapping of eva two hundred school goes by quicker her m terrorists
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sparking global outrage the us great britain in front of three military intelligence and counter teams to help them hunt. not just a nigerian issue it is a global issue. there are extreme islam is a round of local art gets education the game progressed to get the quality i win this fight them and take them all wear a veil. it keeps the cities. i think the specialized team drawn from our results is in the region and help is available from ontario. if you love this town that sits to the surge on recovery of these young girls they are not acknowledged own decisions the nigerian authorities have faced growing protested in the real exceeds demand will be done going in the scenes who builds pressure ic numbers and goodluck jonathan the nigerian police are offering a free one thousand dollars reward for information leading to the gills. the crackdown seems to have had little effect on the islamist terror
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group a round lead at the back issue cal threatening to sell the captives duty this week and another in at the school bills were called to be kidnapped the same remote northeastern region of nigeria. sponges and syrian rebels have been abandoning their last stronghold in the heart of homes and at the center of the revolt against president bob from inside the safe passage to rebel held towns north of the province is part of a deal that allows the fighters to keep their weapons in exchange for the release of seventy pro regime prisoners one way ticket out of the homes from river plate is reading these posts is stationed at a police command it's kind of an operation to a bank you wake to announce the skins from the besieged tt. she calmly guided by a un and opposition representatives transported the evacuees to the rebel held town of god and pbl and ten bc. rebuilding the edge of palms province. opposition activists he still is media
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confirmed that the strip mined safely at their destination. this team only katie holmes known as the capital of the revolution has been under complete located by government forces since june of two thousand and twelve. liverpool and is part of the deal between president bush on the assets forces and rebel fine too under the terms of the deal with the one thousand two hundred other places will be excluded from the old town the interstate is their evacuation is said to be synchronized with the exchange of around seventy lebanese and iranian prison is expected to be released by the use of the current from the prior the overwhelmingly sunni muslim rebels also agreed to eat this egypt to northern shiite towns number and will be allowed into the two koreas the village is currently on the cd meal in the region. feeding regime exclaiming this is a victory capturing the rebel stronghold is expected to give him a shot of the aspect of these in the run up to
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the presidential elections next month. on the opposition's time to keep the peace of mind that for the rebels came down to find good homes to be and that they didn't leave empty handed. each fine tune with the mount airy his rifle on to the bomb . in the united states and its presidential actions not until two thousand sixteen already one familiar face doing the rounds though. former first lady and secretary of state hillary clinton. she's made thirty five appearances since the start of the year already positioned herself as the frontrunner for the democratic party nomination. more than sixty five hundred women gathered at the methodist conference for morning prayers and songs only in it. one woman. here he stands out the eye and
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the after a few months with stepping down as secretary of state hillary clinton is back on the second the cheese traveling across the united states giving several speeches the week. all with a special focus on women. if we took a different approach women can drive economic recovery and growth. they can lift up themselves their families and countries we can empower women and girls and on a leash. creative talents there are no limits on how far we can go. i came out and headed to clinton's thirty minute speech made no mention of a possible presidential run in twenty sixteen the mini year dream of seeing the former first lady at the white house the nightlife there are stands on the issues and i like the way he reads the words now. not like the way that the ramones and the radiance of women. brady
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will get better ratings. is it the seven years after the last presidential bid clinton is once again the democratic favorite. she faces new challenges. problem number one it's her age. so the sixty nine by the next election and hope that suits you think that the state department to come into play another setback the republicans are sure takes place. it's her heidi criticized the handling of the attack with the us mission in maine got beat this left for americans to date responsibility and nobody is more committed to getting this right. she's going to want to do this from a pre emptive strike if you will. she's going to want to tell her side of the story about what happened and what were the decisions that were made. hillary clinton may be reluctant to talk about twenty sixteen but that hasn't stopped supporters from rallying behind her. add to this group ready for halloween has even launched a shadow campaign. all in the hopes of finally getting to know president. and it's
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time now for the false then get to that the eye. all are a few months ago the planet mourned the passing of nelson mandela. a few months he is witnessing this wednesday south african general election the first to voters never experience the so called warmth regeneration casting ballots. a milestone in any way. so what are the new challenges in the nation has recently overtaken by nigerian part continent's largest economy what kind of politics for tomorrow's south africa going into the polls the opposition runs only one of nine provinces the western cape government approved business democratic alliance could there be surprises elsewhere. some part grows strikes crippling the mining
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sector. as in bali style mansion is named among dissidents of the ruling african national congress clean seas base is eroding even though the party's two decade long from power remains safe and secure. and that he said. that is that the two groups. is this ticket. i need to be put in station where the anc's formidable with the machine may not see the president's job. anger over the twenty three million dollars in money spent on upgrading its high the homestead security guard say some of the beginning of the entrance to move down the line. more broadly. what does the selection say about the so called rainbow nations dna. an emerging drinks giant foreign country dragged down by cronyism crime and poverty today in the fall spent yet to be looking in sa from his boat and with this talk about a topic and music producer
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and dj mo on the welcome back to the show. he didn't think you are welcome as well to a journalist mr didn't earn enough author of in french and don't turn outs of a light to turn off the lake apprentice by peter gabriel time and it's just awesome and on and pretend to be with this promo code conway south africa of the government's head of diplomacy place in manila thank you for joining us from cape town were pleased to welcome political analyst daniel still. and from johannesburg raider and clark or music. i'm so bummed a lot. thank you for being is here in the halls and captivate the falls and gets in a way to join the conversation on facebook and twitter are harsh tactics to for debate. we go to our panel make way for the big attraction the selection day all those first time voters
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wade. we didn't notice it's not so glad that i have been a bit. that's what i mean well dance. don't think i'm entitled to. i grew up in schools with a multi racial schools and papa my friends are different kind is innocent. it's it's really cool i enjoyed the character than the private ones to experience different coaches kids and i have had to lindsay and i went and let it be. it was the extent that goal. that said it before every meeting. he has great oakland. the christian to be teaching tool. adam and noah what makes a nice day. friday evening to thinking about it our students to come to them the raft and instead use of seclusion of. you don't need to get to see him. sorry no shortage of opinion among those who first time voters
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among men born free generation. the idea just back from south africa. um what's that was the mood a huge new witness stomp on the campaign trail in that regard. regarding his first time voters. there's a lot of energy for the first time on tuesday pretty excited and then you have that cool that's really be included to be aware. then you have been in the groups that do not care so much about politics because it is so disconnected to feel that politics has an axe to the affected any of them dies because it is said to him one in an era when they didn't have to struggle you missed it on the bongo is that when it is that the same assessments where you are. yes definitely. it's just that and that's a lot of confusion a lot of people the ntsb it was a bit smoky black seeds that had stood so
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people could either to the dna and see the uda and our visit is indeed the nature of islam. the most contentious in action the ball. and because of what has happened to what's transpired in the last three four years as a result of that and that taking the kids and we had a touch of anc voters explain. it's so confusing and that people have to just meet me. this may be found in any case to the anc because of what we feel the emptiness and soul back into an epic that. and when he hasn't changed all the nights. and and and and orthodox way in the way that we didn't constantly trying to look for that reason that we didn't let up. things change then it was he was a contentious can't because on him he had another scan around him when he came into power and it does. x didn't hate it it's that the situation is exacerbated in attendance the next anc that we know and ask them to
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stay in the tank. in our conversations as a fantastic and it didn't feel that kids do what the people want to do and in no case to clients including the extent that nominates him up and ended being evidence that remain seated and gasp at the time he's a kid in the beginning sunday is the reason many in the console itself with the president spoke in people or imax and annie didn't need it wasn't addressed in the news. this is why people look back and i think people this time. today they spoke with and that their votes. an intensive contact me they had been with the unseen. it's not that its officers and it's definitely the vedas and all the controversies that surround him. kristen and yemen to take the point that there is fatigue perhaps more with jacob's new modem that the anc. don't you know i could be short or incomplete
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or are in. you are looking good. the people of the people. i would never call them that the thing i knew this when i go clean the mud to one took a minute of it. one or two. to be looked into open. it's been about to pull them up excitement among the gold coast developer and the excitement among the people there the full quote is becoming a coach to help. no one in the ft weekend and i thought about it in march. i didn't think that what they might try to put the animal called the police. it will be calm and how when you mix of tp to wear what i can look at it than that due to the conflict in the book of the people now all i need to get the point that can do to people quite unhappy with the concrete in the country including couldn't go. he
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took the pic of what you need to do this. what i want to look it up. it looks to continue. cia and the point is taken when we don't obviously have the results yet. daniel so of where were you are in cape town would spin the mood is election day he is. she's an interest in this election. often all the action falls into the symbolic period the trick is to see all democracy and also to be in a final six months is the policy of nelson mandela so the sun through all the struggle today to see all the anc as a mini be reading this. credit to the south african center field wall nelson mandela as a key committee will into the political discourse and
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agreeing to go on the anc being the me who was not clear that the anc who are infected and a substantial majority. i do think that will come out of his addiction victorious sent me the changes in the last number and use it more the politics this is the vicinity of the condition that the current issue and i am cdt. i say that new citizens and to translate it into the votes for the anc. i think the reaction to work going on she said. in my mind then to brand all the anc is much stronger brand all. then we see here on out. despite remarks from nokia's. opinion polls in south africa. he remains on track to tennessee he also gets the majority of
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votes in this election and during the one province that is not currently governed by a b and c could we see surprises. the diocese were pretty upset that they had all the time of listening to it at that pt thousand and nine and a half trying to reinvigorate get caught in this province to try. that sounds all the dives a day the opposition democratic alliance will continue to rule the province of asia we do not cry. in addition poppins. as the surprises of the country the opposition had a lot of money and resources into the house and province the economic crisis of epic with their children's lives as their faces. and i think that the initial expectations that they could create some sort of surprised they are greedy and see right down to below fifty percent of the thoughts and visions the opposition to the iaea
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and you'll often hear it all makes some interesting content that probably should still remain in a nz hands if you listen to it. he should be run by a knot and see often. mr did in here we see the anc as as just described by daniel silks to be his brand new to talk about in those terms. inside are by far. nonetheless we've seen a lot of things over the past weeks and months for instance desmond tutu nobel peace laureate saying he won't be voting for the unseemly reactions. i'm not surprised he's been always sick and afflicted independent hassan said. i think less of that and just you know flakes open monday to support the temple to the end but i just wanted to rule with the intent of that some keys and thinking he has taken to the sin of south african same thing to say
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why india he added i think with has been interesting to think that everybody agreed he's had to park in his entry into men. so be it somehow. france in june. this pic for now. but teddy on tuesdays and couldn't get it on the outside didn't even lose a game suits is in the five team that your phone it is time for ions to the news came see any of these facts the console in the center of discussion in his abdomen. i was in debt to court today to try to find scenic somebody making template please the kind of croissants walk to the source of the pieces we stayed with me. but that does. exactly edt fourteen. democracy political and attending to conflate for seven years indeed your own family. a mole outing. next was the discussion like a potato
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do you see it's quite interesting because we grew up in now with the anc and the islands. i remember being at the instrumental of the stocks fall of the anc youth league in the little one into a simple one with the press that makes them the morning in the canyon so we have to. you know much is made on the people in the area in total twenty two joined the ntuc. and now after so many years before and i mean after that the ingenious monday and everything happen all of this people came through the anc youth league. so this isn't all fun movement that has changed and gone off into new parents is to have people love to know him up on team assistance in tow to be in different parts the bff and my mind this thinking what's the deal the am and from then on the punt team can decide yet. so this am the kind that
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shows how some effort to visit came from a point where everybody was sold in cebu was no doubts but now people are starting to ask the question who will be back to him and it's in the country. the duchess intense opening to clean by intense of them and it's a padded seat because is how the country's unemployed. and reactions coming in from viewers. although some are frustrated they will still vote for a teensy the party which liberated them. place in manila when you hear mall outing describe the discussions that take place in his family tabled use it yourself for how much longer. with b and c be in power. i don't. it is hard. a discussion on how we need more topical. edward park the current elections. call it the i cord. the right kind
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of plan that would be cool to go to wally news and world war we took a commanding the government as well the connection of development planning and thinking. what the people who i can explain it by the current administration and that he could keep hoping i can always be what i had lunch with the baking company you can become a global took it like it but he'd give up when you that no one will get what the plan saying it in my household. coldplay are culpable are they giving helpful. until the people and the quantico become an addiction to buck the opposition caucus that upholds and need to look in the top link on what to do so for all the couple bought
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the kids what is wrong in the eu to look up and thinking of an alternate link denying that he neglected to look so much the mechanic to come and go . let me peek into the bottom corner of the plague that the longer people what i think it's more about it before and want to have the tools in life. when the weather couldn't be him second it will open in the critical consensus in the manila households annual sale. what's your reaction when you hear of place in manila describe these up land for development and growth. a handful of development. they feed on human said he's fine on the anc is itself a movement that's an alliance on cny. on tuesday the trade union in south africa the congress of south african
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trade unions. if the anc and the last independent says that the policy. xd the degree that it would be beneficial to soften it's the right direction. this is a fine opposition from within its ranks already in the trade union they are senior members of the movement's effects on trade unions. this is something he has initiated it themselves from this particular man and said that because of the next few years they all came to break away from the anc stop the political party that took him into an economic unit of economic policy. for some reason than that and see coming that act on any solutions to problems is that he couldn't identify any problems. now you too. yet when we have to move beyond the current project is t o t
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gdp growth expected this year get unemployment rate down from sixty minus eighty six the sand. according to the educational system that nobody wins against other countries is forming a section eight twenty. their ensembles with the bureaucracy to get more efficiently. on a dance item that happiness is to circumvent instructive because we have to unfortunately take a break in and of other engagements a big electronic or you are so wanna thank janice past the restaurant how distinct but much more to come in the past. i was. cos when he teamed up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action. all the results of all the emotion chilling done anything for his all round
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cause i can't overcome these are my disconnection which has been canceled the first to tweet. all i need to wait for me was easy i find it much. we will be so stupid. it's also an outdoor cup. but without her bottle. it was ups. on sunday to commute to work. on news that awoke me to just joining us to sample the stories that morrison gave me the phone
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for you. at the top of the hour here on false move and dance. russia's president surprises. mostly cause i'm pro moscow step is to hold off on an eleven referendum in eastern ukraine. but it could also claim to be withdrawn troops from the border. both announcements met with some skepticism. in china offering their help in rescue more than two and kidnapped girls and the government often people for it. also getting word of another attack northeastern nigeria trip to the radical islamists of cocoa wrong. thailand's avenue across from the constitutional court forces out. prime minister jean option. eye. all are welcome back or just joining
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us this is the paul spent at debates. it's election day in south africa and first time voters of her being called the born free generation they were born after the fall of apartheid a before and returned to our panel with say hello to james created and you watch segment you because what we're saying in part one of our discussion now. the after national congress still has that longtime power and it's had for the last twenty years that there's going to sense and a lot of new voters a lot of new voters will spawn a lot of people taking to social media to convince grammar twitter and to show that they were of old saying that today is officially summer the full reason we've been seeing on social media can see here. assertive and ink prints that people get on scene to be have been getting on their phones. after boarding and a lot of people are sharing images such as soft on social media. with the hunchback born free are born free generation can see
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here that god is a very widespread trends across at the social networks today. so people i suppose you know my very first time boarding says this girl b i can sew degree of enthusiasm. but the fact that these are the first reporters who were born in the polls apartheid. it's an africa. no despite all out there have been a lot of articles talk in that folder apathy. so you would expect that to date with pasty zeitgeist. you would've told that there is a great degree of enthusiasm about the whole picture appears. i'm indeed the statistics to show that since nineteen ninety four when diesel seen such is its no accident the enormous queues of people holding at that point i think was only fourteen percent of people stay away from the polls and ninety nine to four plus one got rose to thirty five percent in two thousand and nine so perhaps we will see the fee to rise again. so earlier this year as its website the institute for security studies says it was an effort via social media to two key word. the only goal for the feet so there were an
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interesting way of putting him right. indeed as though they were generating pastimes such as my first time right i think they were friends of holding out hope they were afraid to vote in any case you can see there's this youtube video on this into the mulch or present triplet what's happening is it an interview with young south africans about what was their first time voting on what will be their first time holding still. there was an effort to generate interest and curiosity in iran in the voting booths race that was a lot of the place was the main trends and from that i picked up on. such networks he tells worth pointing out as well. that night and the homestead there is something that those who've been following the election will know something about it said. jacobson is at home and said it would recall that money was invested into security was an innocent man into millions are twenty one million dollars so high as thirteen pounds and all were its race at giving people all sorts of helpful and pieces
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of information from the anc point of view about the debate one other it seems like a pastiche to me. i think it is a nightmare and is resuming and below it away with all the comments he made in china regains he will rule on so jesus comes back. and you had one at twitter user reminding and schools the broader world today and see the rudolph return of jesus. i guess jesus is coming by today then because people will not be boring and see. well i'm not sure about the key actors. because with twins and resumes her current senior has not been spotted no one else knows if he is if i come across my mind i let you know james craig many many thanks for that it's his turn back to our panel and welcome them back up mole audi is a producer and dj i'm just back from some african journalist in nests are beaten and there whose book just published in french the pronouncement of protests by peter gabriel don't turn out to like me to new credit union of a witness to the government's head of
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diplomacy clay's henman yellow welcome back into the discussion. and as well two minutes and tons of fun show up on we heard jane screen there mention of the very scrutiny that we've seen over the money was spent on renovating security jacobson was home the sector recently insisting the same for our crawl the chicken run at the theater and paving could not be the hardest part of twenty one million dollar upgrades at the house the president though insisting it was necessary he said and after a fire and burglaries in the rate of one of his wives london is a cpa or is it. staying busy is it just isn't a wall it is even if i can see when they go
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next. miss you tons of bombs know it you're saying you are one of our discussion of bears the voter fatigue it is way more is in the van up with the dnc itself. what's your reaction to the ways and has been handling. the move i think. we miss so much against and at this clinic is at kona. and yet he said lots to come to appease the vote is and people who has. i'm cuckoo land. i'm happy with the content that he has presented us with. and it fits in that respect he's got an instant. i think that i did it as it gave the doctor will fuel to move in that undertaking the other proxies and his his two week long national day and see the connections to the diaper bag that and you know. as in
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auckland agreement he said noting that the anc we wanted to put the seat of an outstanding for this and be with the making that race not without faults. i can't deny tha and the people that i'm less income and likenesses in that and be given the content that the anc with inventing itself on the abc can see cutbacks back at trenton that effect. that means that i was about eighty people he ever owned an antique keys and france. all anti musical events didn't see him today it was a big difference. i'm not that you can see them as long as it came in that seat and told him no christian can and that says something. none of the anc but there's a lot to be said about the people that anc has on we will remain at the acs and had to concede to cancel the cracks this doesn't happen on top of the cheesy had withdrawn from the dnc is done fast but
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not to be said about the fact that many people in red berets and ut six today. then sitting right now. and securing attitude that they were for it in a case of opposition. i'm kristen many of the fertile lot of people saying that um is soft and doesn't have a universal suffrage for the president the parliament didn't like the prez on twenty first and jacob's emo will be re elected that maybe sometime down the line. perhaps this summer. we will see sumo pushed out. what's your prediction we all opened the door and water poured over her computer. you know he's there. you could pick them up they get bigger you know the conviction that they are pink one for the city that could sweep the globe he will be their significant
7:41 pm
others. the crunching and political in fighting like to consider the kids loved the pork by it. if i didn't say it often. what good would that ye should go to the great now with the people want to share with others living with the race. what happened in the moment. it is important people. the more caution in the country they do. they want to have one that she will get there the other hand you get the democrats winning. you don't get that concocted and conditions that lead to a cool picture of the upright in bed and took one look that no part of a good team and to what he thinks i'm a complete because you need to go walk the club. the white people they want to get it into something real something going right that the bulk of its mature and people are
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given choices she didn't get what you got to thinking of the plant them in. we should be complete when we're coming up about that. can the applicant on to nibble on the african continent the more people and i couldn't find a way that i hope that the men had been taken by the concoction. open appeal to the brink of defeat would want. and then had to choose from having a last minute. and that can cook it longer than on content the move and katy keen to compare it with another one hundred and one content of my giddy up. you can think about that led to the chicken probably couldn't bring democracy in the strongest the transparency do you expect. prisons in it to pay back the twenty one million dollars of money the recruiter that there are many. when i can talk about the open. i thought ok i'd
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like to think that i love seeing you in the country clip the carpet during the opening two p to two politico think it's going to feature the couple. i could cost them the end of the slums the one above opening times are tight but do it but it never condone people up. i had to pick out into the opener when he concludes the fourteenth of august twinkle like a mocha number to walk it. he may well occur to them but trouble to work with them on he cleans them up. it could achieve all that. you don't keep it in and discussed elsewhere the one that liked about this i can get hurt and walked about the stroke of luck and hope that people in the scots. and what the heck it be to expand the cooking and momo may be due to
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the scandals a sign of a healthy democracy. this is all the way that the has reacted to it said the show's infinity. she and strong healthy democracy. you know that the press when the wolves who to paid employment to write about in the pub to protect a file and those found in sand. that's because soap democracy. in this no no. and she and that's about it. so it shows a new set of n one party state but we'd be in that one party state is democracy in only within the anc days democracy you have to get through in our local assistance to get to the top have we here and there indeed is a wide spectrum and there are a lot of alliances up with this to you master these and more. mm the hit that does does a man in the wings the hinds. jacob zuma and that is the seal rum
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oppose a historic figure within the african national congress now is one of the panelists mentioned in part one of our discussion around impose a cost of business he's got dumped sold off some of his interest was notably on in the long in mind after killings took place there during strikes last year. but he still is is very much close the business community gcse or an opposing becoming president. over the objections of saving the second contest. oh and i think the teeth on. it was me who has to decide temperature somebody please. in nineteen eighty two to get the scoop and then squeeze it on purpose you smart independent and is sometimes difficult to continue because the foresight to denote the twenty pp. you know thanks to all the complents and program we have snow around it to me
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and and fifty percent of the cough or prequel to my radio is going to be a peak in two different position comparing it with the title for the opportunity to be and now the duty to know. but this time it was oh so for that that wasn't to be able to beat a good business sense the announcement comes with the stoning in class or not then i think that death has been somehow it seems may be noted that the two tenancies they are about to be if i had to fight for people condition of its tv brief stay in school. consider the challenges education is a mountainside after both education and to the fullest phone dvd dt project for the port to port the production of food that isn't going to be given to students. on the other candidates from the opposition we mentioned are one of the premier of the western cape. helen zille
7:47 pm
she's been painted by her detractors is he a bold white people's candidate. she denies it fluff. for the people. it is the most diverse racial content of the most diverse leadership of a haunting evidence of africa's history. we are putting together the baby would move on. you see tons of ongoing were talking about the strength of sun and is democracy which is the south africans voting as president a white person the bar has a contagious christian and i don't think so because of a fire. a he a white presidents at the moment added i think fda is doing its absolute best to ensure that the cracks he looks like it's safe to come to lives on milk stand being out for a multitude of race is on the back and thought to be the way back that you know
7:48 pm
that the puc disadvantaged individuals and not that big a hit the back seat while the man who attacked them in that manner on the way that they were parachuted out into positions of power so creaky and the way back i think that because he's trying to dedicate itself to seem as if it's non threatening. it's actually got out of the lamp what's happening behind the scenes. i would say that at the end of the day and out of my nana and talk to the critique and enhance the woman suffered a bad that people get back. diaz is really not into the tickets had another life isn't as much as you know the da has done exceptionally well in some parts of cape town but if you get from the eclectic anti leak into the cbd you gotta jet to land act and the low cost matt and katie tentatively tooth and see how they'd been dating and that in ages and that exist in islam is the season on news that the striking and didn't think they connect to internet cause is that
7:49 pm
the speed and paint and not getting enough money make jobs and is still the mets how is it time to test that kind of cocky to run the entire country. i think he could ride in easy to use it as that is the limiting the temptation. in the top of that hoffman's basis the basic bases and when the baby she is still not be bothered to look at the weekend is our day at me i stopped at a radio and television to cut expenses we contemplate the defendant in these elections will be nineteen. the pastor of me too. for the day even in internet chat about something that we can have in the nation this. even though we don't see contact at me not to say about that sunday the twentieth. lieutenant that the system that that lasted more than three hundred guests. so i think people still see the da as at the wide audience. i am
7:50 pm
his reasons for that. it's a week and she's one of. figures the end of the opposition the other one and be mentioned in passing in part one of our discussion the former head of the youth of the anc's youth wing julius moana on who's offered up more militant solutions to south africa's ills. only that but ethiopia of a missing out on faith. what a great job. mr knott on thursday. what a good idea to mention on the thirty third one man and a mule to go out of the continent. mooch springs the partners none of these. the iron springs the product will settle for men with compensation for what appeared to pull it off would that be are locked into the wreath. because a lot in god we are on the buy in to buy cheap i had to wait
7:51 pm
on him drop it into the property. columbus reaction to that message. i agree with the logo from one to this days. that's what's always fascinates him but today as he speaks to the hearts of people in the heart of the country to heart so that the most poor people because well we going to use them and still in the few that caught me still controlled by the same people that controlled the tuna part ato if only the few people that have frozen to the top so what he's saying is it's is true in its rings very true to the hearts of many people but the problem is him as a tenant at him as a precedent. this guy knows that he has. and that's why i'm not a people find them at sequim that with the fam then when there were those strikes and there was bloodshed outside of one of the platinum mines of last year that can turn into the biggest massacre since
7:52 pm
it's a part time. that particular point in time to reaction was shock to me in how this happened in this day in a sea of living in a country where democracy should be respected. and for people to die for just asking for a wage that's shameful and that's why i don't understand that. rama because i was in an unknown man. and now he is the tca it doesn't actually mean it makes sense that you have to scan to this guy who has protected the mind through our oldest he is and now wants to run for president so how is the country going to change so they are people that have risen to power but they just wanted that powell for themselves the don't see how the contains an economically change the situation throughout and spread the wealth around them and
7:53 pm
the white house see i believe that the mind should be nationalized. and you're in bad taste in men know that the mines should be nationalized. the lord in all of it with a couple of things going for. but the cooler air is it. the big show. so with that but you couldn't open up additional kong and that of the poeple that of woodland opened up a good thing that continues on key component to it helpful to cope with them in the country and create a look at the politically incorrect to assume leadership of this and that he can be wonderful. martin company looking to get off work and there it could be the culprit of this country you can call into the kitchen. wonder what it did look cute and completely capable could probably one of many a cycling team which atlanta ga to be the issue of nationalization of the mines in and the message we heard from drew is going up. what's your reaction to all though
7:54 pm
it looked good government and they're prepared to get on parks in modeling all the african national congress rejected according to commission. we love going to have argued that it should open in him. did he want to mention my heart to heart and conviction. and we wouldn't want to look towards the end to attend the open ocean it's not worth it. it's all good speed and power as the title but that can get into competent. now i wanted to let this be an issue that the combination of took a good one to think it took me two calls one of the cold into one of the nine copa america to confront by picking think he can shoot the middle position. better than falling into cocoa cake and didn't want to speak at
7:55 pm
one go. he looked the part that section but the wet park what makes it more deeply into the water. they liked me and the like. there they are eager to go to the good judgment call to the law also featured on good and useful elegant looking. sch has to be the move which we use dmc when it goes again it goes towards that. pro business way or the more nationalist way which scans sound to some a little bit but the message you may hear from iran and dumb in zimbabwe. he's out there we shouldn't these aunties and she ain't easy you were tempted into women's cycling team steve would respond to what to do the run is intended to keep them for pennies. so hence is going to be what could be given out so well. often when
7:56 pm
those three groups and up to knowledge of the finds he's the kind of sentence is open to all those different classes to attend inside things he does and says that since this is going to continue or is it tilting one way or the other. i think that i can see you when you learn the history and saving face and fifty different time different moment of history and i think that sarah when you know what's happening to us. i think that the pegasus he's strong enough to maybe meet a tendency to stay on the middle road you think mitterrand about continuing the use of the constitution for the ports because the seed dementieva twenty summit has fifteen forties his hero status by hearing those who fight for justice and against upper teeth. i'm no we will leave it there i wanna thank you very much mr benetton are from venus melodious well. we want to thank lisa manila for being with us from polo conway and from johannesburg. miss you
7:57 pm
tons of them go thank you for being with us. thanks to all of you for your comments and reactions. here in the halls and get to stay with us more to come. and. and. i know
7:58 pm
lou. i do. the storage unit
7:59 pm
but twenty seconds to the twenty fifth of may. eu citizens from portugal to form and go vote in the european elections decisions by the european parliament in support of the lives of europeans would embark on a journey you look across the continent the atlantic ocean to call them mountains. we'll go face to face with all sorts of europeans to find out but still it really is the european thought. so if you're an old post i kept on saying to them. are you. i do
8:00 pm
i don't see how the is the singer. just two house committees offer some bad habits or restricting government surveillance the latest on that ahead. a loss to push his good looks less hands on an impostor google promises and its automatic scanning of students e mails for targeted advertisements. coming up the case. any us that have been a series of massive drug bust in a huge operation da targets producers of synthetic drugs more on that later


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